Asked Questions

What is Sidesupply?

Sidesupply is a marketplace designed to help businesses discover unique workshops and sessions created by local professionals and skilled people.

How much does Sidesupply cost?

For Pros, its free to list your workshops and sessions.

Sidesupply charges a simple fee only when someone purchases your service. You pay a 3% transaction fee which is paid directly to our payment processor to keep everything secure for you and your clients. On top, there is a 10% service fee paid by whoever purchases your service, this goes to helping build our product and service for you.

For businesses, each Pro sets their prices. Every workshop or session lists their prices upfront so there's no confusion.

What is a Pro?

A Pro is someone we've vetted in having the skill and experience to help businesses. They can create workshops or sessions focused on helping you start, run, and grow a business. Learn more about Pros

What is a Session?

A session is private bookable time created to help businesses solve specific problems. They're great for businesses looking for help on subjects they can't afford to hire in-house people for.

For example, a half-day session where a social media professional comes into your office to teach you and your team about building a successful Instagram presence.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is a group session held in a local space. A workshop can be a great way to offer affordable advice to a group of businesses looking for similar help. This can be less personal than a session but also allows people to mingle and connect with others.

Sidesupply vs Freelancing

Workshops and sessions are targeted towards solving specific problems that entrepreneurs and businesses face.

For example, rather than searching through hundreds of photographers to help with product photography, on Sidesupply, you're able to find Pro who have created a session or workshop specifically on that.

Sidesupply compliments freelancing well by building trust that can turn into larger relationships.

Sidesupply vs Online Courses

Online courses can be a great way to fill in gaps and do some easy learning, however, the completion rate of online courses is incredibly low, they're often very generic, and lack the details you get from working with someone in-person.

In-person workshops and sessions with Sidesupply are more personalized, unique, and offer access to more business relationships.

Where is Sidesupply available?

As we're focused on building relationships through in-person workshops and events—we're currently only available in Vancouver and surrounding areas. If you're interested in having Sidesupply in your area, message us!

How do I create a workshop or session on Sidesupply?

Once your application has been approved, we'll reach out to you to work on building you a personalized profile and pages for your services.

Does Sidesupply own my workshop or session?

As a Pro, you're the creator and own 100% of your workshop or session. We're focused on connecting you with businesses interested in your offering.

How do I become a Pro on Sidesupply?

You can submit an application which will be reviewed by us. If we feel that you have the background and experience that businesses will value, we'll approve your application and start working with you on creating your pages.

How do I discover workshops or sessions on Sidesupply?

We're currently in beta for businesses, you can join here to get access to the latest Pros on Sidesupply.