A checklist for Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer brands.

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Looking to learn more about ecommerce and direct to consumer businesses? We wrote a great guide with insight and examples.

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Getting Started

You've met with suppliers in person.
You've shared samples and/or prototypes with potential customers.

Website Pages

An inviting homepage that showcases unique value prop and your product.
Descriptive and engaging product pages.
Clear and simple to use Help/FAQ page.
About page with a strong brand narrative describing what makes you unique.
Category pages (if multiple categories) that highlight all the products in that category.
A page for customer testimonials/reviews.
A press page to capture inquiries and highlight recent mentions.

Website Content

A clear free return policy.
A warranty/damaged/broken goods policy.
Easily accessible contact information.
Simple privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Valuable Tools

Free shipping or free shipping with a minimum order.
An easy to sign up and use referral program.
Coupons and discount codes for potential and returning customers.
A newsletter sign up form to capture soft leads.
A way for customers to gift products to friends and family.
A personalization tool for your product, initials for example.

Product Pages

Clear, beautiful and descriptive photography.
Key features highlighted.
Simple and easy to understand details.
Links to other/related products.
Link to return and/or warrant policy for expensive goods.
Product reviews with summary rating.

General Website

Website has been optimized for advertising, search engines, and search re-targeting (SEM)
Website has been optimized for search engines (SEO).
Analytics tracking is setup and actively tracking your conversion, churn, and, bounce rates.
Website images are optimized.
All forms are properly connected.
Website has been tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE/Edge.
All text is high contrast and readable.

Marketing & Sales

You know the seasonality of your market and take advantage of it for launches.
You’ve identified a clear sales channel that you’ve tested and slowly scaled.
Clear marketing value props are used throughout your website.
You’ve tested working with micro-influencers who’s audience relate to your product niche.
Clear, consistent, and engaging company about content is on Linkedin, Crunchbase, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.
Landing pages that highlight your unique value props have been optimized for ads and SEO.
Instagram, Facebook, and Google advertising campaigns have been setup and tested.
CAC (Cost to Acquire) is being tracked and you know its breakdown for each sales channel.
Checkout drop-offs are tracked and automated emails are sent to re-engage customers with incentives such as discounts.
You’re engaged with your brand’s customers on Facebook and Instagram.