Calligraphy — Learn a new skill together in this team building workshop

Calligraphy — Learn a new skill together in this team building workshop

2.5 Hrs
$395 CAD
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Teach your employees a valuable skill for both their professional life and personal life. Brush lettering calligraphy can be used to make cards, gifts, weddings invitations, event name cards, marketing material, and more.

Your company will be known for engaging staff in useful and fun team building activities—resulting in increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and mindfulness.

In the workshop, employees learn the fundamentals of lettering with their team and create a finished masterpiece. They go home feeling proud of their new skill and will be grateful to work for a company that promotes work-life balance.

What is brush lettering?

Brush lettering is a practice that is slow and relaxing—you create each stroke and letter individually, lifting your pen up after most strokes. It’s not the same as cursive writing, which has the aim of writing fast without lifting the pen off the page.

Brush pens are used to vary the thickness of downward and upward strokes—a principle that traditional calligraphy follows. Brush lettering is also sometimes referred to as hand lettering or modern calligraphy. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

What we'll be doing:

Part 1 — Learn the basics (90 Mins)

We start off with the fundamentals of lettering. The instructor demos each stroke and letter on the whiteboard while everyone follows along on their workheets—we learn basic strokes, lowercase letters, tricky letter combinations, and finally words.

Part 2 — Practice intermediate techniques and explore different pens (30 Mins)

We then go into intermediate techniques on how to vary the style of their lettering (slant, dips, variations on letters, spacing, etc). There will be a collection of about 50 different brush pens that participants can try and practice with.

Part 3 — Create a greeting card for a loved one (30 Mins)

Each participant gets two blank A2 cards and envelopes. Using their newly learned brush lettering skills, everyone will create a greeting card and write the recipient’s name on the envelope. No need to buy a greeting card ever again!

What's included:

A comprehensive 24-page workbook including:

  • Explanation of lettering principles
  • How to create basic strokes and letters
  • How to do letter combinations
  • How to write words
  • How to vary the style of your lettering

A folder to hold the workbook and materials with:

  • 1 Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip brush pen, black
  • 2 blank cards, A2 size
  • 2 blank envelopes, A2 size
  • A personalized name card in gold

Additional details:

  • Cost is $395 for a 2.5-hour workshop and $12 per participant for supplies.
  • Maximum of 30 participants.
  • You must provide a room with a whiteboard, tables and chairs. There is an additional fee for a whiteboard rental or renting a classroom at another location.
  • You must confirm the number of attendees no later than 3 business days before the workshop.
  • Please note: This is a brush lettering workshop, not a pointed pen workshop.
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Dina Lu
Dina Lu

Dina is an ambidextrous calligrapher and workshop instructor based in Vancouver, BC. She has taught over 400 people brush lettering and pointed pen calligraphy through her public and corporate workshops in BC.


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