Typography Fundamentals

Typography Fundamentals

2 Hrs
$300 CAD
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Good typography—the art of choosing and arranging type—is the key to smart, elegant design. Knowing the fundamentals of typography can make a big difference in how effectively your content reaches its user. This session introduces fundamental typography techniques that can take your communication materials from meh to marvellous.

What we'll do:

In this typography primer, we’ll cover the fundamentals like: font categories, font anatomy, and best practices for readability.

  1. We’ll talk about using free fonts vs foundries, and webfonts vs desktop fonts.
  2. We’ll look at great type examples that apply typography principles to create visual hierarchy and emphasis.
  3. Next, we’ll do a live typesetting session, trying out techniques like leading, kerning, tracking, and justification.

Additional details:

We’ll show examples on screen, then try a few techniques in a professional typesetting software, InDesign, as well as a basic program, Google Docs.

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Jill Southern
Jill Southern

Jill Southern provides a range of graphic design and art direction services to help businesses and organizations best express themselves visually. Notable agency experience. Currently freelancing.


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