Earn money sharing your skills and experiences with others.

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What is Sidesupply?

It’s a network of talented professionals offering workshops and consulting sessions to share their experiences and help people build valuable skills.

When you join, you’ll get a professional profile and pages for your workshops or sessions. Set your prices and work with people locally or remotely.

Stand out online

A professional profile and an optimized page

A profile that actually makes you money

Don’t let your resume just sit there, get a professional profile that earns you money. Showcase who you are, what you’ve achieved, and the services you offer—all while looking good online.

It’s fast, optimized for search engines, and designed for every device.

A dedicated page for your workshop or session

You get a page designed to showcase your workshop or session—it’s branded, clean, and easy to read.

Sidesupply handles your payments, keeping everything fast, secure, and simple.

Just like your profile, your page is optimized to be fast and easy to use.


A wide range of categories

We’re building a diverse set of workshops and sessions to empower more people to learn, develop, and grow.


Share your passions, earn money, and grow your network

Share your passions and get paid

We think the only thing more compelling than making a living out of your passions is helping other people succeed as well.

Grow your professional network

Meet new professionals, entrepreneurs, and expand your network. Build your presence as an expert in your field.

Help build the future

People need your help to succeed, be a part of their story and help shape the future of their careers or business.


Join a curated community of Pros

Pros are designers, marketers, financial professionals, and other experts. All Pros are vetted to make sure you’re joining a community of the best people.


Joe is an operations expert with experience leading teams at fast paced startups. He helps small businesses better plan their finances.

See his sessions

Joslyn is an award winning designer, currently the Brand design lead at Hootsuite. He helps people better understand how to use illustration.

See his sessions

Lindsay has worked as a leader in sales and marketing at early stage startups. She loves using data to help businesses with their marketing strategy.

See her sessions
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How to get started

Submit your application

Fill out our application form in less than five minutes. We review every applicant and will reach out if you’re a fit for Sidesupply.

Build your workshop or session

Once you’re approved, start planning your workshop or session. We’ll create your page and provide our expert feedback.

Share and start hosting

You're live! Start sharing your page, growing your presence, and helping people learn from your skills and experiences.

Frequently asked questions

What is a session?

It’s a consulting session that’s personalized. Someone hires you to share your skills and experiences with them or their team. Together, you organize a time and space that works for everyone.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is when you decide on a topic to share with a group. You rent a location and sell tickets for a specific date and time.

Does it cost me anything?

It’s completely free to join. We charge you a 3% service fee for payment processing to keep everything simple, fast, and secure. For people booking your service, we charge a 10% service fee that’s added on top of your rate.

What’s the time commitment?

It’s entirely up to you. You decide how often you want to host a session or workshop. Unlike other platforms, you’re not locked in.